Signs of Life - exhibition of fine art photographer Eddy van Gestel and presentation of new book. How photography brings us to the deeper questions of life and ourselves.
His landscapes are characterized by purity, softness, beauty, warm as an exotic skin. A figure leaves a trail in the sand, symbolizing the evolution of man, not clear whether the distant light is accessible.
Sometimes the scene becomes surreal, hazy, untouchable, playing with transience. People don't know anymore, the view becomes cloudy, where are we going.
With his portraits he distills beauty from life. Sometimes subdued and dreamy. Beautiful earthy tones, which emphasize the softness and tenderness. As well as the connection between people and the environment, where did we come from.
A veil that hides the beauty excites our desire. The warm orange, exotic and sensual. The sea, timeless, portrayed as a vacuum that pulls us along, where are we. A wave, the eternal movement, everything changes.
Eddy Van Gestel Fine Art Photography
Gallery Kloosterstraat 70, 2000 Antwerp - free entrance